Frequently Asked Questions


If my hair is breaking or thinning, should I give box braids a try?

The condition of your hair can have an impact on the results. Box braids are not recommended for dry, brittle, and shedding hair. You need to reverse the damage first. Deep conditioning, trimming and oil treatments for a few weeks will yield good results. Make sure your hair is healthy and strong before you go for box braid hairstyles, otherwise you can end up doing more damage.


​Is it true that box braids end up doing a lot of damage to your hair?

No, they don’t. Improper installation can cause damage and improper maintenance can as well. There are a lot of factors involved and if Box braid hairstyles are done properly they do not damage the hair. It depends a lot on the professional who braids your hair. If they are installed too tight, it will cause damage to both your hair and your scalp. If your hair is already thinning and breaking, braiding can cause more damage. Box braids hairstyles are supposed to be hassle-free but if the braids are too long or too heavy, it can be bad for your hair and scalp.


​Is the hair included in the price?

Some of our prices include hair. We also have hair available for purchase in our salon if needed. The price shown is the starting price for each style.

​The prices shown are starting prices. Why would they go up?

Prices may vary depending on the length and/or size of the hairstyle you choose. There may also be an additional charge for extremely short hair.


Do I need to wash my hair before my appointment?

Healthy hair begins at the sink. All services provided by Mo  comes with shampoo & condition