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Maintain Your Box Braids, Passion/Senegalese Twist

1.Protect your hair at night.

2.Keep your scalp moist

3.Shampoo braids at least once every two weeks

4.Avoid Constant Updos

5.Don't pull to tight when styling

6.Re-do edges to extend style

7. Don't leave style in for more than 3 months

 Maintain Your Silk Press

1. Keep those split ends cut.

2. Instead of curls, opt for smooth curls, Its easier to maintain and less likely to revert.

3.Minimize product use, avoid too much product, which will cause the hair to look weighed down.

 4.Try your best not to get your hair wet. The smallest amount of moisture and humidity can ruin your fresh silk press. In the shower make sure to wrap it with a satin scarf and shower cap!

5.Secure your hair with a silk wrap. Keeping it wrapped protect protects your hair from things that could potentially ruin your hair.

Maintain Latchhook/Crochet Style

  1. Use a spray bottle of watered down shampoo and spray your scalp with the mixture.

  2. Massage scalp with the palm of your fingers.

  3. Gently rinse out mixture .

  4. 4. spray a leave in condtioner on your braided hair.

  5. Add moisture and sealing oil.

(The goal is to focus on your scalp not the added hair.  Depending on the type of crochet hair determines the longevity of the style



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